Close BioVision, a Surgical Specimen Radiography System from Faxitron BioVision, a Surgical Specimen Radiography System from Faxitron BioVision, a Surgical Specimen Radiography System from Faxitron
BioVision, a digital Specimen Radiography System from Faxitron


From Faxitron

Surgical Specimen Radiography System

The BioVision provides immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins. The BioVision raises the standard of care to new levels for patients undergoing surgical excision or biopsy procedures. Save time in the OR by x-raying the specimen intra-operatively. The image can be sent to mammography via PACS while the specimen is sent directly to pathology.

Biopsy imaging is important to determine whether a tissue sample is cancerous. A lumpectomy or needle biopsy is usually carried out to obtain the tissue sample. The surgically excised tissue specimens can then be examined by the Digital Specimen radiography system.

Thumbnail of the Biovision
Thumbnail of the Biovision
Thumbnail of the Biovision
  • Instant confirmation of a successful biopsy procedure
  • No x-ray shielding required - certified safe for public use
  • No specialized x-ray knowledge needed to operate
  • Self-reimbursing with saved OR time
  • Small footprint to minimize intrusion in point of care environment
  • All hardware components built into mobile system to ensure hardware integrity and personal safety both during and after transport
  • Keyboard with single, continuous surface for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Plugs into any A/C outlet or can operate stand-alone for more than 3 hours on battery backup
  • Entire system powered up with single button for ease-of-use
  • No re-calibration or restarting required after transport
  • Magnification shelf with field of view guides and automatic position detection provides for 2 geometric magnifications with accurate measurements at both levels
  • Transparent specimen window ensures proper alignment
  • One button operation with Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) for optimal image quality
  • AEC optimized for breast excisions and core biopsies
  • Leading-edge image processing software including peripheral equalization and calcification enhancement
  • Images instantaneously displayed on 22” high resolution 2.3MP monitor
  • DICOM compliant software with efficient access to modality work list and PACS store and print options
  • Ability to send multiple annotated images to PACS at a touch of a button
  • Automatic calibration and self-diagnostic capability
  • Remote diagnostic and support over the web
Specimen Imaging Area 10cm x 15cm (4" x 6")
Spatial resolution 10lp/mm (48µm), contact mode
Geometric magnification 1.4X , 2X (up to 20lp/mm)
Energy range 20 - 40kV
Tube current 1.5mA
Focal spot size, nominal 50µm
Window filtration 0.125mm Be, tungsten source
DICOM Interface Store, Annotate, Print & Modality Work List
Power 120VAC 200W Max / 240VAC 400W Max
Dimensions 22"W x 23"D x 67"H (56cm x 57cm x 170cm)
Weight 200lbs (90kg)