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Trunode, a singel-use wireless gamma probe from Faxitron


From Faxitron

Single-Use Wireless Gamma Probe

TruNode is a sterile, wireless, single-use gamma probe that gives the surgeon complete control from the sterile field. The simple to use fingertip controlled probe with voice reporting is coupled with a compact, IV pole mounted User Feedback Unit with proprietary heuristic audio feedback technology.

TruNode is optimized for the most common radio-guided surgical procedures. With best-in-class 10% energy resolution, three modes of detection and a smaller operative element, it can detect faint nodes closer to the injection site, better locate hyperactive parathyroids, and indentify tumors marked with I-125 seeds.

Thumbnail of the TruNode
Thumbnail of the TruNode
  • 10% Energy Resolution – Detect faint nodes closer to injection site; reduce background in parathyroid procedures
  • Three Detection Modes – Fingertip control allows for immediate selection of high- resolution ‘Point’, high-sensitivity ‘Scan’ or I-125 ‘Seed’ modes
  • Proprietary Audio Feedback – Reactive yet stable feedback elucidates hotspots more clearly
  • 10mm diameter – Less invasive, easier to maneuver
  • Surgeon Controlled – Simple, fingertip control from the sterile field
  • Sterile – No draping, tactile grip
  • Voiced Reporting – Eliminates need to see display
  • Compact – User Feedback Unit clips to any IV pole – no footprint, no cords
  • Built-in Collimator – No separate components to misplace
  • Disposable – Ready to use, no batteries to replace or cables to find
  • Low Cost – Enables multiple units to be deployed in parallel, eliminating scheduling conflicts. Own instead of rent.
  • No CAPX – To budget, track, repair, or calibrate. No obsolescence
Straight tip probe Model # TruNode ST10
Overall dimensions 17mm x 226mm
Operative Tip X reach 10mm x 103mm
Weight 70g
Integrated tungsten collimator Yes
Selectable modes Point (Tc-99)*
Scan (Tc-99)*
Seed (I-125)
*Point mode filters out scatter more completely than Scan mode.
Shielding efficiency >99.9% (Tc-99)
Spatial resolution @1cm air 13 mm FWHM (Point Mode),
14 mm FWHM (Scan Mode)
Sensitivity max air 18,000CPS / MBq (Point mode)
27,000CPS / MBq (Scan Mode)
Sensitivity @1cm air 3,400CPS / MBq (Point mode)
4,800CPS / MBq (Scan Mode)
Angular resolution air 46° FWHM
Probe-mounted controls Power-on & Connect
Mode (Point, Scan, or Seed)
Count Rate Reporting & Averaging
Audio Feedback Range
Volume (includes Mute)
Probe use life Lesser of 100 mins continuous use or
4 hrs intermittent use, or 1 sterile procedure
Probe shelf life 2 years from date of manufacture