Daax Appointed Distributor for Faxitron


This year's RSNA was the venue where a formal agreement was signed between Faxitron, manufacturers of leading digital specimen radiography systems and DAAX Ltd. The agreement means that DAAX Ltd will distribute products within the UK and Ireland for the newly formed Faxitron Bioptics company. DAAX Ltd was previously the UK and Ireland distributor for Bioptics Inc.

"These are very exciting times for us at DAAX Ltd" comments Trevor Mitchell, Sales Manager, DAAX Ltd. "Our CoreVision and BioVision products have been very well received by our customers in the UK and Ireland and now we are in a position to add the full Faxitron Bioptics range of specimen radiography to these already very successful products. For the first time, we are able to offer a product solution for specimen imaging covering core biopsy in radiology through inter-operative radiography to a wide variety of specimen imaging in pathology; a real 'one-stop shop' for customers looking for specimen radiography solutions".

Bob Dockendorf, President Faxitron Bioptics added "DAAX Ltd has been extremely successful in the UK and Ireland over recent years and so it made absolute sense that their representation of the merged business, Faxitron Bioptics, should continue". The relationship was further cemented at RSNA when DAAX Ltd placed a $250k order with Faxitron Bioptics for CoreVision and BioVision products.

Faxitron Corporation and Bioptics Inc joined forces this summer to create the newly formed Faxitron Bioptics company.

For more information contact:

DAAX Ltd / Trevor Mitchell / Tel 0870 979 9110 / info@daax.co.uk / www.daax.co.uk