BioVision benefits Staff and Patients at The Royal Bolton hospital

Debbie Dowie, wife of former footballer, manager and now television pundit, Iain, is beautiful and most definitely glamorous - she used to be an air hostess. Debbie, 44, was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2009 and says the experience made her determined to turn the situation around and do something positive. Debbie set up a charity 'Boot Out Breast Cancer' and has donated a BioVision system to NHS The Royal Bolton hospital. "The faxitron machine has made a huge difference to the surgeons operating at NHS The Royal Bolton hospital."

BioVision benefits Surgeons, OR Staff and Patients at The Royal Bolton hospital.

"At Bolton Breast Unit we treat more than 180 screen detected breast cancer cases per year. The majority of these patients are diagnosed with non-palpable disease in the breast and therefore require a localization/ marking procedure prior to their surgery, which is performed at the breast unit. At the same time the tissue removed from the breast has to be x-rayed in order to confirm the correct operation, surgical margins.

The BioVision is a very user-friendly, quick and efficient device which allows us to perform these surgical specimen x-rays in the OR, and delivers, on screen, high resolution images within seconds.

The device allows us to intraoperatively perform several images (according to needs) of the removed specimen, in the OR and this helps reduce the length of the surgical procedure, and ensures a more accurate assessment of the specimen. This reduces the amount of time which a patient is under unnecessary anesthesia and significantly improves the standard of care.

The OR staff also benefit greatly from the BioVision as they no longer have to transport the specimens to the breast unit which is at the opposite end of the hospital. It is time/workforce saving and efficient." - Tibor Kovacs, M.D.

Date: 10th September 2012