New Faxitron equipment benefits breast surgery patients

A new piece of hi-tech equipment at Dorset County Hospital means that breast cancer patients can be x-rayed during surgery to ensure all cancerous tissue has been removed.

The portable Faxitron machine provides instant confirmation of a successful biopsy procedure, displaying images on a high resolution monitor.

Breast surgeon Tomasz Graja explains that this is particularly useful in ensuring lesions which cannot be felt are successfully removed:

"Non-palpable cancers, usually found on screening mammograms, are the most difficult to remove," he said. “The BioVision machine allows us to x-ray during surgery and confirm that all the cancerous tissue has been removed.

"The hospital already had one Faxitron machine shared between radiology, theatres and histopathology. This additional machine means that our patients will not experience any delays if one machine is out of action for upgrades or repairs.

"We are really pleased to have received this equipment for the benefit of our patients and are very grateful to the Trust for this investment."

New Faxitron equipment benefits breast surgery patients.


Date: 27th January 2014