Wythenshawe's Nightingale Centre & Genesis Prevention Centre upgrade to latest Faxitron Systems in Theatre & Radiology

During 2013 and 2014 the Nightingale Centre & Genesis Prevention Centre, at the University Hospital of South Manchester, at Wythenshawe Hospital have acquired three Faxitron Specimen Radiography Systems.

Following the appointment of Claire Mercer, Lead Radiographer in Breast Imaging, into the service in 2013 Claire quickly established that both the existing specimen radiography systems in radiology and in the breast theatre were in need of replacement. "The systems image quality had degraded and the purchase of new systems throughout the service was deemed essential" quoted Claire.

Following Trust approval for the upgrades, individual tenders and NHS Supply Chain process followed. The first system acquired was a Faxitron CoreVision reported Claire "We selected this system on its merits; it was compact and suitable directly for our purposes for imaging breast core biopsy specimens at speed, and with high quality within the Breast Unit." Valerie Reece, one of the Advanced Practitioners within the service commented “The images are of high quality and are quickly obtained during biopsies which results in less time for the client remaining in compression."

Wythenshawe's Nightingale Centre & Genesis Prevention Centre upgrade to latest Faxitron Systems in Theatre & Radiology

Pictured left to right: Rachel Hasanj, Allison Kelly and Cathy Hill.

The second system replaced a legacy Faxitron MX-20 in the Breast Theatres. Again, following Trust procurement Faxitron’s BioVision was selected for being compact and easy to maneuver when required. The image quality of the breast specimens was exemplary and “after initial training and familiarisation the Surgical Team found the system easy to use” reported Claire.

Surgery is carried out in different theatres within the Trust Hospital site and it was deemed important that a second machine was purchased to minimise safety and time issues with breast specimen transportation. The second Faxitron BioVision was acquired on a lease basis through NHS Supply Chain (Leasing Department). Claire explained how the Breast Team are grateful to the Trust for this investment.

"Overall the team within Breast Services are pleased with the excellent quality of the images, ease of use of the system and excellent response time from the engineers if required.” Claire reports “The support on site at the time of installation was excellent and the whole installation process was fully supported by DAAX, Faxitron’s exclusive UK distribution partner who are always just a phone-call away."

Date: 15th May 2014