Woman raises £6,000 for Carlisle hospital equipment after mum's death

High-tech new equipment on hospital wards will ensure the legacy of a woman who battled breast cancer is not forgotten.

Iris Leeson with a photo of her mum Angela Hodgson

Angela Hodgson passed away three years ago, but her daughter was determined that something positive should come out of her family's sadness.

Iris Leeson, who works as a newly qualified physiotherapist at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Carlisle’s Cumberland Infirmary, has raised more than £6,000 in her mum’s memory.

That's provided medics with the final piece in a funding jigsaw to buy a Faxitron machine, a portable piece of equipment that means tissue removed during breast cancer surgery can be examined during the procedure, confirming whether cancer has been removed.

In the past the removed tissue had to be x-rayed outside of theatres, adding time to the operation.

Iris' fundraising mission has included arranging a charity ball for her 21st birthday at Greenhill Hotel, near Wigton, and embarking on a skydive.

Consultant breast surgeon Ludger Barthelme said: “Patients tend to recover faster from shorter operations, and this also means that more patients can be operated upon.

We are very grateful to Iris for her extremely generous donation."

Iris has not stopped there and is now raising money to transform the patient waiting area in the radiotherapy and chemotherapy department in the Cumberland Infirmary.

She has been working with a photographer and interior designer as well as the trusts' infection prevention and control team to create a better environment for patients while they wait for treatment.

Date: 28th July 2014