Faxitron TruNode available now

Daax is the sole distributor of Faxitron products in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. We are delighted to announce that the Faxitron TruNode is available now.


TruNode is a sterile, wireless, single-use gamma probe optimized for the most common radio-guided surgical procedures. The TruNode senses hotspots better than existing surgical gamma probes due to its innovative detector and heuristic audio feedback technology.

It is simple to use, with finger-tip pushbutton switches. These switches give the surgeon complete control from the sterile field, including switching among high-sensitivity ‘scan’, high-resolution ‘point’ and I-125 'Seed' modes.

Voice reporting and statistical algorithms take the guesswork out of count-rate determination. The gamma probe's sterility also relieves nursing staff of infection controls. In addition the User Feedback Unit (which is mountable to an IV pole) provides both audible and visual user feedback.

If you would like further information call us on 0370 979 9110 or email info@daax.co.uk.

Date: 20th September 2017